Six Types of Men’s Social Shoes to Use

From the most casual to the most formal, six types of social shoes that a man can wear for a walk or a job

Men’s social shoes, that piece of clothing that men usually leave behind in the background, think that any one serves, which is just to wear with the same suit.

But if you stop to think, in a social garment that is already so classic and accustomed in our eyes and memory, it is precisely the complements of this composition that will make it jump to the eye.Everything that is around, accessories and hair, not counting, of course, the shoes.

Pull in the memory and see if you remember: when you were a teenager, there was probably some wedding in which you went with your family and as a boy and did not have the habit of wearing social clothes and keep suits and shoes on your wardrobe, Clothes, took that shoe from a friend’s 15-year-old party or bought it from some cousin and you had to wear it. Except that, after a long time, the shoe was all wrinkled, the leather all marked, without a chandelier, a blackout. And, anyway, being a young man and such, you did not even call.Only when I was in the middle of the party, you could see everyone tidy and you there, with that pair of what looked like a chewing black chewing gum on your feet.

Remember that.Remember.Every guy had this dilemma in his head.

The shoe jumps in the eyes of the beholder.And that’s why it’s interesting, more than important, to know what to use.

Let’s work here with six types of men’s social shoes so you can understand how they work and what occasions they can be more certain. More formal and made of leather, the men’s social shoe can be used on occasions of greater seriousness, when it is asked for black tie dress, fine sport or chic sport, in addition to several work areas in which more or less formality is needed, But which require social attire.

Come here.Let’s look at the types of shoes you can wear:

Oxford shoe

This is the most classic of shoes. Smooth or few details, with the shoelace rising up to the tip of the tongue by the very body of the shoe.The masculine Oxford is what can be called wildcard, for the versatility.More restrained, it will surely match any of the social demands that life will put you.

Black and brown tones will be the most obvious and you can find shades of green, very dark blue and gray, lead.

The probability is that you start from the most obvious and gradually try the possibilities.

Oxford is what will get you dressed up in suits, social shirts and blazers.The more formal the occasion, the more it will become the right shoe model to use.




Brogue shoe

Ah, brogue them.They came as a derivation from the Oxfords, only with the holes that served to drain the water when used by workers and hunters.

What matters here is that they are less formal than the oxfords, but still very classy and handsome enough to be used quietly in social outfits that do not require such great formality, and fits very well for events and parties.

Derby Shoes

Here we already have a less formal model, because of these abar lateral that firm the shoelace, giving more freedom for the foot, but with that visual sensation of spacing, of something extended.

Derby is very good for those who do not need a lot of formality at work, although they need the social attire, and can have the most square beak.

Monk strap shoe

At first glance it may seem that this model is the most conservative, of unclean, somewhat later.

“The story is very old:it refers to the Europe of the 15th century when it was used by the monks of the time – hence the name monk strap shoe. The choice was made because it was a stronger shoe than the sandals they used. Easy to put on and off, and ideal for tough jobs.

There are two variations of the model:s groin monk strap , with only a strap and a buckle; And the double monk strap, with two straps and two buckles.”

– From LOUIE’s website

It turns out that the monk strap model is very stylish, but requires extra attention when using it.As it will definitely draw more attention, everything has to be conforming, size and conservation of the footwear, the cut of the pants, the combination of colors between pants, shoes and socks (yes, my friend, sock is fundamental).

But with all this in order, it gets pretty good.

Loafer shoes and loafers

We have here two models created in the United States.The loafer, a family farmer’s creation from New Hampshire, and the moccasin, footwear used by various Native American communities.

The loafer is remembered for not having laces and buckles, and to be comfortable in the feet by having its support made with a strip of leather that is in the instep.

More “rebellious” and casual, it was known to be used by young people like James Dean or John Kennedy in their leisure time, as well as by vibrant musicians such as jazz musician Miles Davis.

It is much more casual and less formal than the other models, being more comfortable to use when the event or work almost requires no formality.

The moccasin has the detail of not having a jump.The sole of the shoe rises from the sides and the tips of the feet, being sewn to another piece also in leather, “U” shaped.

Here the refinement factor already enters.As the Moccasin is formal zero, it is more like a “party on the yacht” or “even on the family barbecue I’m shoe instead of slipper”.

Refinement.This is where the word fits.

Dockside shoe

The smell of sea and summer.The docksides were created for nautical use, more open and with rubber soles.

There is no way to take that more welcoming and leisurely character of him, indicated for those moments more relaxed or just for jobs that do not demand formality, giving this more traditional break without being, in fact, formal.

How to care for a male social shoe?

We have tips on how to care for and keep your footwear in the complete article that Bruno Passos wrote to us.

There, he talks about how to keep the shape of the social shoe, how to care for them when they get wet, how to polish them in the right way, the attention that has to be given to the shoelaces.

Everything worked? Any tips we leave out? Anything, just call us(whicheverhealth) in the comments.