Shower curtains

Shower curtains – so your bathroom while showering remains dry

A shower curtain prevents splashing out water using a shower. While he is the cheap alternative to the fixed shower, often can not be installed in apartments. Shower curtains are placed like a cloak around the shower tray. Above the shower head, a curtain rod is installed and either on the wall or additionally via a bracket attached to the ceiling of the bathroom.

The shower curtain itself is connected if he has no loops, extra curtain hooks with the rod. The hooks are usually made of plastic and therefore stainless. The curtain itself is made of plastic and usually just may be cut with scissors to the desired length. This is done, the shower can be used again. Shower curtains are available in many colours. If you have low light in the bathroom, you should prefer rather bright or white tones. But also for lovers of colorful motifs we have many models in the range. Colourful, modern, funny. In many motifs and countless colors shower curtains enhance the bathroom immediately. Compared to the cabin, the curtain has another advantage: after showering he aside inserted. So the moisture can easily wipe and a mould is automatically prevented.