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Cuff links belong to the men’s accessories, which are timelessly elegant and with which men create an own look and can prove their good taste. The origin of the cuff links can be found in the France of the 17th century. Originally, they were affordable with diamonds and other expensive materials reception and only for the richest. From 1950, a procedure was developed to produce cuff links enamel. Now, even the middle class could access and close their shirt sleeves with decorative accessories. As at the end of the 19th century a machine was invented, the cuff links were made from stainless steel in bulk.

Today, most shirts with buttons are delivered, which are a sign of elegance and good taste once again. We offer you cuff links from a wide variety of materials and distinctive designs. Cufflinks from metal, precious metals, silk knots, rubber, leather and wood can be found in our product range. Whether you prefer to settle your shirt sleeve, or prefer something unusual: in the large offer online, also you will find exactly the cufflinks that fit with your distinctive look!