Shiva Tips:How to Wear Cropped Pants

The short pants, just above the ankle, is nothing new.

The novelty is that now it’s called cropped trousers (cropped) rsrsr.

But I was a fisherman, three rooms, or was better known as cigarettes, capri pants, in honor of the island of Capri famous Italian seaside resort.

Arose in the years 50 and 60 and was used extensively by the divas of the cinema of the time.

As every now and then trend back kind of remodeled …
and with another name rsrr!

A couple seasons she came back strong and sure will last enough, since many international winter collections presented versions of shorter pants.

A lot of people think is a pair of difficult to be used, because

shorten the silhouette.

Really, who’s skinny, tall, with spindly legs and long can use it without restrictions.
(let’s agree that those who have this biotype, model, you can use whatever you want. rrsr)

But I mean for sure that with some care
any woman can wear cropped pants

Do you know why?

The length just above the ankle highlights just the thinnest part of the leg!

Be chubby or thin This is definitely the thinnest part of your leg.

The right model of pants worn with the most appropriate footwear will also help to get a alongador effect.


-Modeling straighter help disguise wide hips and/or thighs.

– dark colors favor who have wider hips and thighs. In case you prefer the dark wash jeans.

-the boyfriendtype models, more loose in the hip and thigh, favor the fat. It might seem that will increase, but if not for very wide she disguises.

– legs adjusted help the little ones, do you add volume.
– turned bars visually decrease the height. If is low prefer models that don’t have bar turned or that the bar does not have very contrasting color.

– straight pants tailoring style are more appropriate for formal jobs.
– the jeans is a good option to try the cropped length. Just bend the bar at the time what else favors leaving the shows the most thin above the ankle. See a selection of looks with Gi jeans!


– blend well with more or less voluminous on top, provided they are not too long. Tops long will printing the largest trunk and legs even shorter.

-looks with little color contrast between the pants and the top stretch more.

– gets more sophisticated and appropriate for the work combined with shirts and blazers and more sporty and casual with t-shirts and short jackets.


– for any body type, the best option is the one well low-cut shoe that lets the foot uncovered breast. Is it low or high. Lengthens the leg.

them nude color are great for visually elongate.

– slippers favor the highest, but the shorties can opt for models well always low-cut where the instep stay well apparent and colors that don’t draw much attention. The thin beak lengthen even more.

– Watch out for shoes that are very closed on uppers. Can shorten the leg.

-give preference to thin strips. Even being strong or dark color, often the thin strip does not compromise, unlike the more thick that give sense of shortening. Beware of too much information in the instep and ankle.

-I options with thick but very close to the color of your skin tone, the so-called perfect nude, can be great. It’s a matter of experience.

– too much color contrast between the pants and shoes shortens the silhouette. If the color of the shoe is equal or close to the pants can be ok..

-the pumps are unbeatable with cropped pants. Immediate elegance! Peas and thin heel stretch ever!

I love the shorter pants for warmth. In addition to being a little more fresh she gives a lightness to the look that fits with the hottest times.

Actually she can shorten the silhouette, but I assure you that by following the tips above you can get a good result.

See where your leg starts tuning in the ankle and establish there the ideal length of your cropped! Choose a shoe a little louder.

Try it! You may be surprised!

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