Shirts to Wear on the Beach

There is hardly a person who has not heard of the wonderful pearl Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio. Even if you are not among die-hard followers of fashion innovations, the new spring collection of leggy beauty will surely make you fall in love with the clothes it. The collection tells Ale by Alessandra and impressive brightness, freshness and glamor.

Bohemian models of famous beauty are inspired by her personal style, quite logically, after so many years in the fashion industry, he is infallible. The entire range of the new summer season includes extensive dresses and comfortable everyday clothes made of lightweight fabrics. Of course, presentation filled with humor collection is entrusted not just anybody else but itself designer.

Sheer fabrics is always good to be combined with bold prints and patterns animalistic bring a sense of movement in maxi dresses. Alessandra itself describes them as comfortable, fun and chic.

The collection can be found goals 75 models swimsuit – halves and goals, as well as various cloaks suitable for the beach. Some are decorated with precious stones , but all in bright colors and bold silhouettes.

There is no doubt that every woman can find their individuality in one of the wonderful models of men’s classic shirts. However sultry brunette was born in Brazil, the beaches are the most familiar of its territory, and the work it has to look perfect swimsuit – a natural extension of this is to make its own swimwear line.
Top model gave a few fashion tips when choosing a swimsuit. It is important to find a pattern that corresponds to the shape of the body. However, there are several models in my collection that are suitable for all forms said Alessandra Ambrosio.

Brazilian big fan of the music festival Coachella and often just what the mood is found in its collections. Footage campaign does have taken thematically exotic sea background in sunny San Diego, California.

The perfect combination of rocks, sea and fire on the beach is complete with appropriate accessories such as a silhouette volume hats with a brim and massive bracelets.