Shirt Quality Signs



On a shirt, the titration is the number of different son present in a pound of fabric
The more different son, the more they will be thin and of a good quality: for example, a titration of 100 means that there over 110 son in tissue paper. it reached a particularly noticeable quality threshold precisely from “titration 140: as for the costumes, it is not particularly useful to go further. In addition, you will have a much too expensive shirt and too thin fabric, so too weak and with low life. The result is visually against beautiful with a very soft cloth and translucent materials presques, but it was still an amateur affair.

Basically, a high titer means there will be more son on this surface:

Note that a low titration can also be explained by coarser son, but not necessarily of lesser quality. (This is what you get on casual shirts for example)

The double twisted

The two-ply does not refer to weaving but the quality of the cotton thread used. Only the longer fibers can be used for this technique: two son are in fact assembled together twisted. sometimes even triple plied.

They are wound in this manner:

These fabrics are generally softer and durable and give a richer and worked texture to the fabric. Only flaw: the jacket is thicker and less suitable for hot climates, and it also returns more difficult. It can be a single wire with a double or triple.
You see it in the notation, eg 140/2 titration means a double yarn quality 140: this is a quality that is reflected very rarely in the ready to wear and respect especially to measure.

What you need to remember: the more the wire is, the more cotton fiber is long and the better the quality of the fabric of your shirt.