Shampoos & rinses

With shampoos, you have clean hair in a snap

A shampoo is a shampoo. It belongs to the daily personal hygiene and is safe in every bathroom. Be tuned it should be on the hair type, as it through its additives cleans not only the hair and degreases the skin, but also contains constructive or firming active ingredients. Some products provide less dandruff, other degreasing the hair stronger and it is also pH neutral shampoo on sale. The selection is huge and some products will be offered to the matching conditioner. There are also products, which already includes a conditioner, so clean the hair and at the same time maintain.

You want to try a new shampoo again, certainly find interesting offers in our large selection. You can give your hair an extra shine for example with a Tönungsshampoo for an evening. Shampoos with a very fresh fragrance are offered among other things with the scent of citrus. Offered products that promise more volume after washing and applying other hair grease not too quickly after. Just women try out like new products, so that the hair after washing bulky look and beautiful shine.