Several South Korean Media Speak of a Version of The LG G3 with SoC Snapdragon 805

Today a somewhat surprising news is spreading like wildfire. While LG, for the moment, it seems to be doing ‘wind aft» in Korea of the South thanks to the great sales of its new vessel logo, the G3, various means of the Asian country ensure that it already is underway a review which will incorporate a Snapdragon SoC 805.

This news is surprising because, on the one hand, the configuration of this mobile is great and does not seem to need touch-ups as soon. And, on the other hand, because at the moment only available in South Korea, and already there is talk of a possible update. However, there is a quite reasonable reason to you could justify that LG Perhaps you have made a decision like this.

As you know, the G3 incorporates an SoC Snapdragon 801 similar to that used some of its competitors. However, LG Mobile has a resolution QHD screen (2560 × 1440 points), while its rivals use a Full HD panel, which, of course, imposes one effort to lower the processor because of its lower resolution. This could lead to the overall performance of the G3 to be somewhat lower than its competitors.

In principle this seems the only reason that LG might have considered the option of integrating into the G3 this other SoC, but at the moment there is nothing confirmed. In any case, the South Korean media, even give a release date for this «map» version of the G3: the month of July. We’ll see what happens with all this.