Sequins Blouse: Find Match

The blouse of paet is very high and this type of garment cheer up any look, is a more conservative for work or a look more sexy for a night out. Learn how to combine your blouse to paet time to dress for these occasions.


  1. If you have ever been to a mall or browsed the shops online lately, you may have noticed that the tops of paet are everywhere this season. Sequins are the perfect way to add a festive touch to your holiday outfit or just inject some sparkle into an everyday look. Because it is an article of clothing, you shouldn’t be afraid to use a blouse of paet, as it can use sequins without looking like you have questionable taste. Check out the following tips on how to use it:
    Choose only one item of sequins for look, i.e. the paet blouse. More than that and people may confuse it with a mirror ball. After all, you want the sequins are the focus and you don’t want to look like a disco ball according to
    Due to the fact that the blouse of paet is a piece so bold, add a minimum of accessories. A stylish bag or a simple touch of jewelry is all you need to do an elegant impact.
  2. Don’t be afraid to play with the colors. Try a sweater of paet in a clear tone or add a touch of color in other parts of the look.
    Remember that balance is essential. Pair the sweater with essential parts paet wardrobe like a pair of jeans and t-shirts, to achieve the perfect blend of glamour with the discreet.
  3. How to use the paet blouse for a look at night:
    The sequins are always a great option for evening wear and a paet metallic blouse is no exception. Use it with a couple of simple style pants Tuxedo-style, to create a visual more glamorous yet understated. Accessorize the look with a stylish and simple earrings black clutch. Finally, add a few pumps in bold tone Basic, as for example in royal blue.
  4. You want to use as Manas to the Office? It is also possible, as long as you combine your look accordingly.
    How to use the shirt of paet for the Office:
    Use sequins so minimalist. Choose a sweater of paet or a skirt with sequins. Choose light colors or neutral, instead of a blouse of paet super pink, choose a light color, such as yellow or a neutral tone, such as ivory or black and pair the shirt with your super parts professionals, paet as a blazer, pencil skirt or pants.