Selling Vintage Online

My name is Timea, I live in Berlin and I manage the store Mighty Vintage on Etsy. Originally, I opened this shop as a test. I’ve always had a passion (or should we rather say an addiction?) To the beautiful antiques that reflect a history. The yard sales and other flea markets allow me to unleash my imagination.

Being able to make my passion a profession suddenly attacked me once and never left me. An Etsy shop was then the perfect way to test my ideas to the test of reality without investing too much capital to start.

I have always seen as someone creative and I always thought to need to work in creating me to blossom fully. When I launched my company vintage, I realized that I had never done something more creative than before to manage my own business. The profession of entrepreneur is the most creative work I could imagine. Every day, I can decide what I do and what I want to sell. So I can reinvent myself every day. If something does not go as planned for me to do everything possible to achieve or to turn it into a new idea.

Having managed my Etsy shop for a year and a half, I gave up my profession “normal” to launch myself full time in the self-entrepreneurship. Not that I have never regretted! This year I am looking forward to spending a third Christmas season on Etsy.

I have always been inspired and fascinated by the high quality and excellence of the vintage design. There are so many wonders to be discovered and when you hold them in their hands, we know that these items were designed to last forever. At the time, seasonal patterns had not yet that important and timeless and durable design was fashionable.

I have a special attraction to the original vintage items. I can not specify exactly what I mean but my intuition instantly said ‘that’s for your shop! “And I bring my latest find at home.

What I particularly like about Etsy is communicating with others. I am always delighted to help a person find something special. In a “previous life”, I studied languages ​​and translation followed in training. My shop gives me an unexpected opportunity to converse with people from around the world. It connects me to the world: a real small store could never do that.

My Etsy shop is open 24/24 and 7/7. It gives me the freedom to structure my days exactly as I see fit. Opportunities for change and flexibility are very important to me. According to vintageinconfidential, my goal now: to grow Mighty Vintage,  not only so that everyone can find the vintage object of his dreams to his home, but because I have to manage heart healthy business and to continue to every day that I love. One day I might be able to use one or two people who will attend me in the management and shipping. I would like to create a job not only for me but also for others.

I strive to advance step by step, because there is always something that can be improved. I am inspired by great designers Vintage products for this: my own business, I also want to create something lasting, beautiful and strong.

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