Selection of Vintage Glasses to Start Autumn with Style

The Vintage Mannequin is full of treasures.Some are visible, like the half-world garments that Silvia selects for you.Others, recovered with the same passion, occupy a more discreet place in the store but not less important.We talk about all those accessories located in the showcases and closets of the store of Sant Sever waiting for you to discover them.Today, for example, it has touched the glasses, a wonderful collection that responds to different epochs and prestigious firms.

We started with Silhouette glasses from the eighties.What an irresistible blue!

The Ted Lapidus that we show you below were designed between the seventies and eighties, decades of brand splendor.

We still do not move from the 70’s and 80’s with two Ray-Ban models . Look at the pins of the second: unusual and with an elegant curvature that make a difference.

The next model is also Ray-Ban, in particular, a Jackie Ohh , the famous range that is still commercialized. Our date of the sixties / seventies, so we can consider it a direct ancestor of the ones you will find in the stores.

Of a similar style and epoch are the following glasses, signed by Brigitte Bardot . Remember that the French actress popularized in the seventies these mounts so characteristic.

And for those who like vintage glasses and gives you a little like the brand that designs them, we recommend this model of the seventies. The mount and circular bridge are its most striking features, do not you think?

And so we finished the first part of this selection of vintage glasses, centered mostly in the seventies and eighties.In the next delivery we will review other decades, we will inform you on the Facebook page of El Maniquí Vintage.

See you soon!