See Project for 54 Square Meter Apartment

Check out about accessible solutions which architect Gustavo Calazans found for an apartment of 54m².
Let’s start with the kitchen that has a bench made of drywall and coated with ceramic, the same used on the floor.

In the kitchen and the dining room, there are PVC pipes painted covers that serve as support for shelf and one foot dining table. The other foot is done with a small vertical garden. A green space in the house is always good! Next to the dining room is the living room which has a neutral structure.

From the living room you can reach the gourmet balcony, where the architect solved the problem of little space with vertical garden, a bench, a table and two chairs. It is noteworthy that the floor is woodsy pattern, but the material is ceramic so no problem if it rains.

Going to the rooms: the children’s room has a closet screwed into the wall and closed with a curtain. And the master bedroom has made bedside drywall and coated with wallpaper.

Take the tour!