See Options Who Protect the Cell Phone

The Lumia 532 is a Microsoft cell phone with dual-chip function and integrated TV. The smartphone has 8GB of storage, a 5MP front camera and is available in four colors: green, orange, white and black. The phone arrived in Brazil for R $ 400, but suffered the reverse of what usually occurs in phones: the price rose to R $ 550 in virtual stores.

To avoid risks of damaging your smartphone with scratches or drops during use, it is worth investing in covers that protect and at the same time, customize your Lumia 532. Here’s a selection of seven case options for the device.

Clamp For Lumia 532

The clamp is ideal for those who can not get off the phone or when exercising or, even better, uses the device as an ally in sports. The case protects the smartphone from impact and at the same time allows the display to be used without removing the device from the cover, which is attached to the arm. According to the manufacturer, the clamp has smart regulation, sturdy material and is anti-odor. It is found by prices starting at R $ 15,00.

Waterproof Case

This is an option for those who enjoy taking pictures inside the sea, rivers and waterfalls, but do not want or can not shell out money to invest in premium cameras.According to the manufacturer, the transparent cover is composed of rigid material and has side sealing, to protect from water, dust and sand. The accessory allows the use of the touch screen and allows for dives up to 2 m deep. The case is found for $ 20.

Armor Type Protective Cap

The armor cover is ideal for those who do not want to take any risk and want to avoid as much as possible scratches or damages from shocks. The model is made in two hybrid layers of TPU and polycarbonate, offering, according to the manufacturer, great absorption of impacts. In addition to all the protection, the accessory also has a tongue-and-groove that allows the smartphone to “stand up” to watch videos more easily. Available for R $ 49,00.

Wallet Cover

Practical, this cover combines two functions into one: protect the front, back and sides of the device and, at the same time, store the user’s cards. Made of synthetic leather, it does not increase the dimensions of the device and has a magnetic closure.The model is found for $ 25.00.

Transparent Coating

For those who want to protect the Lumia 532 without losing the design or the original colors of the device, a good alternative is a transparent hood. The protection may not be of the most robust, but it guarantees reduction of scratches and risk of damage with impacts and falls. It costs from $ 19.99.

Window cover

This option ensures protection and convenience at the same time. With a clipping on the display, the user can view information such as time, calls and messages if the need to open the flip that protects the screen. The model is found for $ 49.00.

Dual Layer Polycarbonate Textured Anti-Fat

The above case is ideal for users who do not like fingerprints and still want to keep the smartphone personalized. The hood also protects the phone from scratches and shocks. According to the manufacturer, the model has a highly forged atomic composition under high temperatures, ensuring a high level of rigidity to the material and, automatically, protection to the device. The textured paint guarantees the end to digital and fat marks. On sale by price from $ 39.00.