Security With Motion Sensor

Home interior motion sensor

Security With Motion Sensor

Outdoor motion detector

When it comes to protecting their own, there is wide variety of systems to install in your home effectively. One of these teams is the presence, sensors and motion detectors. These devices consist of a surveillance camera connected to a computer that is responsible for generating an alarm signal when something moves forward. However, to improve the system is often used more than one camera, multiplexers and digital recorders. In addition, maximizing space recording, recording only when motion is detected.

There are two types of motion sensors, according to photionary. They infrared motion sensors are the most commonly used since they are those who produce less failures, detect change in an environment that is monitored through the bodies temperature. Ultrasonic motion sensors are able to capture changes in the space through an ultrasonic wave that goes through the atmosphere and back to the detector bouncing on each object that is found in the environment, if the device detects a new object will be activated. There are also sensors anti-mascota, which are not activated with pets weighing less than 40 pounds, avoiding false alarms.

These sensors are an excellent choice for home protection, warning about any unknown stroke. Mersan Security has several types of sensors of movement for indoor use, as well as the sensor anti-mascota. Communicate with experts for a commitment-free guidance.