Sandwich maker

Practical sandwich maker for tasty sandwiches

Are very popular kitchen appliances, which are used for the preparation of sandwiches sandwich maker. They consist of 2 plates, which are heated by electrical current and slung roast so that between them there. You can use them to prepare various meals, most sandwiches are made here. For this it is enough to occupy only two slices of white bread with the desired food and then to harness this sandwich between the two plates. After just a few minutes you have a crispy fried sandwich. Sandwich maker are popular elsewhere, so you can FRY as Spiegeleiger or omelets in.

One as long as possible to ensure that it should cover the sandwiches on both sides with margarine durability of sandwich makers, this ensures that the cheese, or other food not stick and damage to the surface of the device. There are many different models of sandwich maker, the most popular are here for the preparation of 2 sandwiches, however, there are also larger models, in which you can make four or more sandwiches. Also, there are various pricing levels, discounters offer sandwich maker for a few euros, while even well-known companies which produce. More expensive models can this often on a Teflon coating draw, which significantly increases their life.