Samsung’s Big Smartphone Show

What is the best operating system? Samsung let you decide and takes just three phones with three different systems on the market. We have tested, what the new offer.

Multiple operating systems available are to merge phone and PDA in one device.Symbian, Palm OS, and Pocket PC Phone Edition are the most common ones. So far the mobile phone manufacturers have confined mostly to a Variant, Samsung brings them all.

We know the Series 60 platform on the basis of Symbian by Nokia. If you had the camera phones 7650 and 3650 already in hand, the user interface of the SamsungD700 will seem familiar to the.

On Palm OS , only the Handspring PDA specialists have tried. Palm has its first smartphone announced at CeBIT, at the same time presented the i500 Samsung.

The Phone Edition of the Windows operating system Pocket PC is currently still the most common among the Smartphones from T Mobile’s MDA to the Siemens SX45:.With the Samsung i700, Samsung brings a Windows-PDA with Windows operating system for sparking PDAs.

Three different smartphones, three different concepts: Now you have the choice. The devices on the market will be in the third quarter. A short test we could undergo two of Samsung phones at CeBIT.

Samsung D700: Angular But Classy

The series 60 device has idiosyncratic packed Samsung: angular case, square keys and matte glossy trim. According to whereversmartphone, the phone looks noble as Samsung wanted to oppose the emphatically youthful series 60 devices from Nokia seriousness.But unfortunately it is not very good in the hand.

Facts & figures
This tri-band phone is definitely much handier (89 x 49 x 22 mm, 110 grams) as the chunks of Nokia and offers the better display (65.000 colours, 240 x 320 pixel resolution). It can be not only open but also turn. So you have the display at a glance in the mobile. On battery power Samsung for the D700 200 hours is committed stand-by and 3:20 hours of talk time to the destination.

A rotating camera that shoots great images 640 x 480 pixels or velvet tone record up to 15 seconds long video clips inside the hinge. Filming still not possible were the prototypes, the actual quality of the photos is difficult on the small display. The slot provides enough storage for MMC cards.

Address book and calendar can be synced with Outlook, thanks to E-Mail client (POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4), keep the Inbox in mind. GPRS is the fast traffic. We know most of the features of Nokia’s camera phones. Details make the difference: Samsung does not have Bluetooth, wireless is only via infrared. For the Koreans just supply the USB cable for data exchange.

Entries are possible with the D700 only on the mobile phone keypad-no one wants to write with the phone already long E-mails. After all, the keys fail big. Samsung has given much space especially control buttons important for Series 60 devices. Typical Series 60-menu, which can be quite easy to use, Samsung has changed little. As far as we could see a new appearance was missed only the menu icons.

With the D700, Samsung brings a bit angular but handy Series 60 device with beautiful display and large keys. Who want to give up his pen-based PDA, be aware that input only through the mobile phone keypad are possible with the D700.

Samsung I500: Palm OS In The Clamshell Phone

Many Palm fans still waiting a good Smartphone with their favorite operating system. For the i500, Samsung has tries to integrate Palm OS 5.2 in a clamshell phone.

Facts & figures
As for the D700 promises Samsung 200 hours stand – by and 3:20 hours of talk time. Real Palm believers need to be in the the tri-band phone convert something. The display is very good anti-reflective, but comparatively small falls (162 x 176 pixels). And the folding mechanism, it is first of all not to see. With a swivel display as with the D700, this problem would have can be solved in wonderfully. 87 x 54 x 27 mm 150 gram weight-the i500 is also something thick advised.

The built-in camera take photos in VGA resolution, also videos can be characterized. SD cards are used for storage expansion on the i500. Via SD you can integrate additional functions, such as GPS or Bluetooth modules. In addition to WAP 2.0, MMS and Java engine available the best PIM features Palm OS available. Odd: While Palm wants to bring its first Smartphone with the version 4.1.1 on the market, Samsung promises the latest version 5.2.

In contrast to the D700, the i500 allows input via stylus. This flush inside the case. Samsung has squeezed the quick launch buttons for the four main applications below the display. Among them is the good old cell phone keyboard. This is all somewhat crowded, control via pen requires a steady hand.

Pen input and clamshell phone want to each other not so properly fit. This is the price for the somewhat thick, but still quite handy format of the i500. Real Palm OS fans will accept that.

Samsung I700: Windows And Radio Contact

Not a clamshell phone: The i700 is hardly a Samsung device. The Smartphone looks like a typical Pocket PC.

Still, we could not test the i700. Here only the most important facts.

Facts & figures
The tri-band mobile phone measures 132 x 70 x 16.5 mm according to Samsung and should weigh 170 grams. The large touch screen is 240 x 320 pixels in 65,000 colors.

The integrated camera shoots pictures in VGA resolution. Via GPRS, WAP and HTML pages can be called, you can send as MMS photos. Interfaces are USB and infrared on board. As a Windows Smartphone, the i700 is of course equipped with Pocket Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) as well as the Pocket MSN Messenger.

Input is done via stylus on the touch screen. The menus of the Pocket PC Phone Edition are installed on the Windows operating systems.

The camera is new, otherwise we know similar equipment under the name of XDA, MDA, and Siemens SX45. To properly evaluate the i700, yet many technical details such as the battery life and last but not least the price are missing.

Conclusion: Camera

Samsung wants to make sure that really everyone is addressed, toying with a Jack of all trades cell phone. Three smartphones with three different operating systems take the Koreans on the market.

All devices feature a built-in camera, GPRS, tri band function and a 65,000 color display. The two devices that we could just try out at CeBIT, were still quite far from the market. The key strengths and weaknesses can be already recognized.

With the D700 manages a handy Series 60 device that can keep up with the competitors Nokia Samsung.

The concept of the i500 could not really convince us. Palm OS is not a very good figure in a clamshell phone. The display is small, the petitions submitted by pen require a steady hand.

With the i700 Samsung introduces the integrated camera on Smartphones with the Pocket PC Phone Edition.

All three devices come in the third quarter of 2003 on the market. Samsung silent a still about the prices. We will keep you up to date.