Samsung Smartwatch Gear S2 Reviews

The battery in the new Gear S2 would determine much of the design of the new Samsung smartwatch, a separate development lasted several months. According to a statement by the company, create a smartwatch rotondo is not absolutely easy, especially from the point of view of the battery that must be first of all “assimilated” by form factor and at the same time optimized to deliver a good level of autonomy.

For this Samsung is due to resort to its own research and Development Department, to establish the first free-form battery, a battery is no longer rectangular, using as much space as possible within a device, shaping the forms.

Thanks to Tucsonsmartwatches, the smartwatch phone, has been able to go from 200 mAh of the first prototypes up to 250 mAh of the final model, a marked improvement made possible only thanks to the Samsung freeform technology, which uses space more efficiently, thus providing a greater capacity. Samsung SDI began its development starting from December last year, ending in April, then move to mass production during the month of August until the presentation of the new Gear S2.

If the company had used a rectangular battery would not have been able to go beyond the 200mAh due to a series of constraints related to the design.