Samsung Has Announced The New Epic 4 G Smartphone

From the House of Samsung , indicated that the newSamsung Epic 4 G Smartphone should come on the market soon. This Smartphone has a Full QWERTY keyboard and a dual camera, a LED flash and a video function (720 p) includes. The camera features of the epic 4 G Samsung approximate those of the iPhone4. TheSamsung Smartphone camera offers 5 megapixels for the main camera and a camera, which is positioned so that it can be used for a Video Chat.

The Samsung Epic 4 G Smartphone seems a version of the megaAndroidphones of type I9000 Galaxy S to be currently supplied by Samsung, according to howsmb. In addition it features one side of zuschiebendeQWERTY keyboard and supports the WiMAx wireless technology. Is therefore to be feared that this Smartphone will be released first in the United States . Whether this Smartphone inEurope will be available, is still questionable. The already mentioned 5 mega pixel is to achieve quality recording and playback of HD in the location in the video camera.

The Samsung Epic 4 G has a 1 GHz processor and 512 megabytes of memory and uses the Android version 2.1 and the Samsung TouchWiz 3.0interface. It should be delivered with a built-in memory of one gigabyte, which can be however continues to expand. Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi n standard are also available with this Smartphone. The Super-AMOLED Display with a diagonal of Four inches is known already by other devices. In size, the Samsung Epic 4 G Smartphone in about good four millimeters thicker than the Galaxy Sis probably on the additional QWERTY keyboard is due. So, initially only the access to the I9000 Galaxy S and the hope remains that offered the modifications also for Europe. After all, you can play there already great Android Games on it.