Samsung Galaxy S6: High End Finished

Bottom line: The Samsung Galaxy S6 in the test almost the complete competition depends on: the display is high contrast and high resolution, the camera take photos of great photos and the system responds extremely fast. Also in terms of processing, Samsung laid to neat and refined the Galaxy S6 with high-quality materials. Not all users are likely to like the missing microSD slot and firmly installed battery.

Samsung takes the criticism to heart and goes to his new top model from the plastic housing on precious materials: the frame of the Galaxy S6 now consists of aluminum, the front and back is protected by Gorilla glass 4. Who parallel to the Galaxy Alpha suspected, not completely wrong, the Galaxy S6 works but again significantly better and more stylish. In addition, the S6 in the Galaxy as well as the almost identical is Galaxy S6 edge mobile device crammed with high-end technology-at an initial price of 699 euro (32 GByte version) you can expect but also.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Finest Technology Installed

The Samsung Galaxy S6 have save the South Koreans not to technology: an OCTA-core processor, which pulses with 4 cores with 4 cores on a 1.5 GHz and 2.1 GHz ensures the necessary power–so the mobile should respond on the one hand extremely quickly for smaller tasks, but as far as possible remain low. The graphics unit Mali T760 to the page that is about is comparable with the Adreno 430, and easily master even the most complex 3D calculations is the processor. RAM is 3 GB, where more would be possible when the 64-bit architecture. When it comes to performance, the S6 in the Galaxy along with the heard S6 edge therefore to the current top devices and makes the most of its competitors far behind: the Smartphone respond extremely quickly to input, apps are almost without delay. As already in the Samsung Galaxy S5, a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner include also the package. Samsung has waived the USB 3.0 port, however, as compared to its predecessor, as the IP67 certification and a MicroSD slot. You must already decide before you buy how much memory you need. Samsung offers also a 64-GByte version and model with 128 GB memory in addition to the 32 GB version.

Extremely Sharp Display

5.1 inch large display dissolves pixels with 2,560 x 1,440, so even the smallest fonts are still clean. Can convince the AMOLED screen in the areas of brightness and colour: with 382 cd/m, the Samsung Galaxy S6 of km2 in the test although only slightly above the average brightness and thus at the level of the Galaxy S5, in direct sunlight to the display however on turn over 600 cd/m². Measure difficult this value in the lab, because we could simulate it only with an external light source, what a measurement of brightness but then again falsified. Confirm we can that the Galaxy S6 also in brilliant sunshine is still relatively easy to read. The AMOLED technology colors look also very strong and alive, but not overly bright.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Click And Shot

Who like and much photographed with his Smartphone, will have his pleasure with the Samsung Galaxy S6 for the 16 Megapixel camera take photos of not very faithful to detail and sharp photos, but after a double click on the home button with a shutter lag of only 0.42 seconds also rapidly ready for use. The Smartphone with relatively low noise succeed even shots in low light conditions. The criticism is only the left, bottom photo edge which slightly washed out effect-reason but that’s gripe at a high level.

The photo-and video-features of the camera app that allows many manual settings in addition to the automatic mode are usual extensive. Options include among others mutable ISO values, white balance and a brightness control, a panorama function and various filter presets. In addition, you can record clips in slow motion and time-lapse.Even video recordings in UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) are possible.

Strong Battery With Long Duration

Due to the large and relatively bright displays of 2,550 mAh powerful battery of the Galaxy S6 in our surf test last only 6:58 hours. Radio link are you doing Wi-Fi ac and LTE Cat6 available. You not can switch the battery however, because Samsung has installed the battery firmly in the housing. After all, Inductive charging available stands.

At the telephone acoustic weakens Samsung about it: while the interlocutors on mobile page is clear and well understood, voices on the landline side sound slightly distorted and rauschig. The problem but still not worthy is not serious although a high-end device.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Slim-Despite Big App Offer

Samsung equips the Android-5 system again with its own TouchWiz interface. In contrast to the previous models, the South Koreans refrain but, stuff the OS with countless apps-and the few third-party apps that are installed, can be easily erased. If you want to use Samsung offers, find the applications on the home screen see “Galaxy Essentials” and “Galaxy gifts”. By default, Android 5 this consumes disk space approximately 7.5 GB. The software features Manager that manages the device and protects, a theme manager that allows your own interface skins, as well as the fitness app S health and the language assistant S includes among them the in addition to the known movement and gesture control smart Voice.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Alternative

Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s not as pretty as the current Galaxy models, S6 and S6 edge, provides for a replaceable battery and a microSD slot but. In addition, the Galaxy S5 is protected against dust and water and offers a USB 3.0 port.Although specifications can no longer keep up with the new top models, the performance of the previous device is sufficient but still loosely for all applications and games-and the camera also take photos of very good photos. Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for round320 euro.

No Phone Without Appropriate Tariff

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