Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish “Sour Apple”

Hello my dears! Today I have again a nail polish review for you. In July and August, Sally Hansen has two new limited collections that include two different types of effect lacquers.

In addition to the Fuzzy Coat Nail Polishes, there will also be the Sugar Coat Nail Polishes, which were sent to many bloggers last week. I also had the nice surprise in the mailbox and got the mint green Sugar Coat nail polish 600 “Sour Apple” sent. I admit that I have been somewhat skeptical about the sugar-like finish. But because of the great color, I was so curious about the nail polish that I wanted to paint it immediately.

This Is What Sally Hansen Says:

“Anyone who already caught Candy Colors will love these limited special effect paints. Six bright colors and sugar-like texture make the sugar coat (available in July and August 2013) the sweetest nail polish trend of the season!”

Content / Price: 11,8ml for 7,99 €

Source of supply: selected Müller, Rossmann and dm branches. Limited, available in July and August.

Order: The order was uncomplicated and he dried very quickly. At first, there is not much of the effect when applying, as this is only formed when the varnish is cured.

Coverage: The lacquer covered with a thicker or two thinner layers, on the photos you see the varnish in two layers painted.

Durability: Because of the effect you have to do without an overlapping, I had some concerns about the durability. However, the lacquer lasted without problems for three to four days without any major tip. On the fourth day I had a tip on a nail, but because of the structured finish is not noticeable.

Removing: When removing the nail polish I had my trouble, because he held really bomb-resistant.I thought first that this would be easier because of the missing glitter. I finally grabbed the aluminum foil technique, because simply with cotton pad over brought nothing at all  However, I heard that the red cherry drop could be painted off easily. So I do not know whether it was the color, my undercoat or simply the combination of many different factors that the paint with me so badly removed.

More Colors

The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polishes are available in six different colors. I am very happy that I got the mint green “Sour Apple”, because he would have been the color of my choice.But I have seen pictures of the red cherry drop on Instagram and found it very pretty.


I was somewhat skeptical about the sugar-like finish of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish but in combination with the mint green I liked the effect of the “Sour Apple” varnish very well.In addition, it felt very interesting and I had to constantly handle my nails order and drying time were top, only when removing I had some trouble and had to grab the old tried and tested Alufolien-Technik Whom the effect and the colors fallen, should be the Sally Hansen Lacke Times closer. Since it is not really something to complain about except perhaps the difficulty with the varnishing, I give the paint 3 out of 4 possible suns and thus a “Good/ Can I recommend”.