Safety Measures for Cycling

If you’re going to start a long journey by bike you can find in very multifarious situations. You may have to pedal at night, which pinches a wheel, or to suffer a fall. In this post we suggest five objects that you can prevent or solve any of these situations.

Safety helmet

This is the most important part of the team. Buy the right helmet according to the characteristics and needs of the trip. Adjust it correctly in the head. To shoot at night, you better have bright colors to increase your visibility.

Reflective vest

The priority when riding a bike at night is make ourselves visible. A light, practical and very important piece is the reflective vest. If you think shooting at night is nothing more to take care of our integrity. Preferably the vest should be multitalla to fit over the pack, says iTypeAuto.

Bike gloves

Maybe and this is the last part that a cyclist want to take, but they also have their important role. They are designed to absorb impacts and some special bike models are very thin and leave the skin perspire.

Mandatory lights

For night driving, you must place a lamp with white light on the handlebars of the bicycle and a red under the saddle.

Tools kit

Sure you do not want a flat tire ruined the whole adventure and worse, you have to go home pushing the bike. It is therefore important that you load with this little toolkit that you can be useful at any time. In it seeks to bring an air chamber parts, patches and glue, an air pump and basic tools for bicycle repairs. Plasters, gauze and some iodine are not more.

With all this you can start your journey by bicycle knowing that you are prepared to face any situation.