Rules of Wearing a Shirt

Shirts with long sleeves are suitable mostly for business meetings. They are comfortable, but a business meeting must be supplemented compulsory jacket or sweater without sleeves.

The classic white shirt is suitable for all cases, it can dress in a business suit, and also under more extravagant jacket, as will highlight color.

But the simple white shirt, there are certain details that determine how its use. The double cuffs, which are known as French cuffs are suitable for ceremonial occasions.

These shirts have no pockets and dress in formal jacket or even in a tuxedo. Since the double cuffs are longer and stick out from the sleeves of his jacket on them capitalize stylish cuffs.
Modern are shirts with elongated cuffs, which are different in color or fabric itself shirt.

For a business meeting or for everyday use is suitable ordinary shirt with a breast pocket and simple cuffs with one or more buttons. In such cases, mandatory white shirt, the color is determined by the color of the jacket or suit.

But not necessarily shirt is the same color to be able to combine equally well with a jacket and a vest, sweater or sweater without sleeves.

Stylists recommend finest men to have several shirts in your wardrobe to be prepared for any situation. For formal occasions is appropriate shirt with elongated cuffs.

For her need to buy links. When selecting a shirt must be careful it is not too long, as it will twist when inserted into the pants.

The sleeves of the shirt has a well chosen slightly to cover the beginning of the wrist. It is permissible from coat sticking narrow edge on the sleeve of his shirt, unless with French cuffs.