Conjure up a fresh complexion with Rouge

Tired faces look self much fresher and more cheerful, if some Rouge is applied to the upper bone of the cheeks. Also the forehead and Chin can be so subtly stressed. The skin should be grease-free as possible, so that seamlessly distribute the Rouge. Then lays like a gentle touch on the face. With a light face powder, which should be adapted in the shade of the complexion, a good surface can be created before the application of Rouge. It is important to customize own type, necessarily but the make up of the selected clothing. Who has the sense to wear a mask, feels uncomfortable. Ever more natural the Rouge, the nicer the broadcast.

Even when “Rouge” is the French translation for the color “Red”, we offer more colors. Nuances such as Brown and blue, Orange and Terra cotta, and rose and violet, are part of the extensive color palette. In addition to the Fettfreiheit of facial skin, it is also important to spread Rouge with a possible large brush on the skin on the cheeks, forehead and Chin. The brush is fine, the more discreet it can spread. Instead of clearly visible ‘beam’, only subtle shadows on the sides of the face should show after the Rougieren. The more discreet, it is applied, the effect is more attractive.