Ropes for Rock Climbing

High-quality climbing ropes for every application in the mountains

Climbing ropes are in each pack of a Bersteigers, because they are an indispensable accessory for every rise. Already in ancient times climbers secured among themselves and on the mountainside with a sturdy rope against the falls themselves. At that time they were of course still considerably thicker, rubbing of the palms of hands and could tear easily, because natural materials that were subject to an ageing process and thus faster verschleißten were used. Today, however, modern climbing ropes consist of synthetic fibres, which guarantee an enormous tensile strength and longevity through a sophisticated and tight mesh. Also the weight and thickness of the climbing ropes could be reduced enormously through the use of these high-quality materials. So many meters rope in a backpack fit and the climber must no longer carry across a chunky knitted over his shoulders. Climbing ropes in different thicknesses are offered according to the area, but also many colour variants are available.

After many hundreds of hours on the mountains, your climbing rope was claimed strong and shows now serious infirmities of age? Here is a hairs, there you will discover a blemish on the rope, also the elasticity appeared earlier to have been better you… Since everything helps nix – it is time to replace your loyal companion with a young model. In itself offers a wide range of climbing ropes, because you exercise your favorite – sports for many years and therefore know that good quality in the mountains is essential for you. With us, you order at any time climbing ropes in the best quality you can rely on. A climbing rope, the you in order, meets the highest standards and is a loyal companion tours for the next few years his you on your mountain -. Many applications regardless of whether planning a trip, in the summer, and the climbing rope be exposed to high temperatures or whether you need securely in the ice – high quality materials make a breeze.

Numerous climbing ropes to secure climbing

For fall protection is the climbing rope is one of the most important parts of the equipment. Climbing ropes are the connection of the harness to the rock and used to abseil down or catch a crash. Continue to serve climbing support and facilitate climbing, serve also the movement while climbing. Since climbing must carry the weight of the climber, guarantee at the same time resists and durability, the choice of the right material and the right rope strength is a very important aspect. They are manufactured from polyamide and feature a core-shell structure. Thus they are protected from damage, where the core absorbs the brunt.

Climbing ropes differ in their degrees of stretch, where the difference between dynamic ropes with a strain of up to 8% and semi-static ropes with an extension of up to 5%. They are standardized and tested, other ropes for climbing must not be applied. A distinction is made between single rope and half rope twin rope. Which type of cable you prefer depends on what attributes you deem concise. Single rope used usually only at the indoor climbing, while twin ropes and half ropes are designed for outdoor application. Visit our page and find the appropriate climbing ropes, to meet your needs. Quality and optimal quality guarantee while climbing the fun without fear of being torn climbing ropes.