Robust Housing for SD and MicroSD Memory Cards

Samsung’s new SD and MicroSD memory cards are to prevail in the market against the already established models of other manufacturers. So, it has now created a new Generation of memory cards, relies on very sturdy casing.

Setting up Samsung SD memory card

The cards in the formats “SD”, “microSD” and “Compact Flash” (CF) is available in the sizes 4 and 8 GB, as well as 16 GB and 32 GB SD card in the “premium plus” Edition.

Samsung SD memory card

According to the manufacturer are all variants of the memory card waterproof, shockproof and resistant against magnetism be. The Cabinet is made of natural-beige epoxy resin. The “premium plus” Edition is used as case material brushed aluminum according to THERELIGIONFAQS.COM.

Samsung 32 GB SD memory card

SD cards to reach a speed of 20 MB per second , the CF card, however, 45 MB per second.Other new memory cards (SDXC and SDHC) bring a transmission speed of up to 104 MB / s.To compete in the upper ranks of the market Samsung has come up with something to do with the price to beat his biggest competitors SanDisk. The new micro SD memory cards can be used, for example, in the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet P1 perfectly.
Prices and launch of Samsung memory cards are not yet known. Samsung memory cards, already now produces however usually not under their own label, but for third-party devices. By the way the store of the future could consist of soon memory on a mixture of RAM and Flash.