Right Shirt for Body Type

What is the difference between festive clothes and such a cocktail? For each event has a different dress code. Normally such occasions are required to put a different kind shirt.

If you say festive clothing – this means that clothing, you can add some more colors and shapes. In other words, you can put a shirt with stripes or plaid. Usually festive attire is required on festive occasions. The colors that are allowed are brown, green, maybe darker hues of red.

Business casual – this typical Bulgarian expression means that you do not have to be a suit jacket but have stood on the spot. Choose if you want sports and shirt – can be on any patterns that correspond with the jacket.


This does not have to be tucked into pants. It depends on the atmosphere of the party whether to unzip or to button his shirt. In any case you will not go wrong if you are a bit more elegant.

Time for a cocktail party – hence cocktail attire. For this reason you must be elegant – suit, tie and shirt naturally. The color of the costume is dark and the tie is mandatory if we talk about business gathering.

Shirt whether you are among friends or business partners to gather the pants. Of course for the evening may remove over them. To look more freely – unbutton the top buttons of his shirt. Keep good form and taste – one or two are enough.

Semi-dress does not mean every day – it rather means something like semi-formal with a bit more freedom in clothing. You can put a shirt with stripes, but do not overdo any images, shapes prints. It is also nice to be in a neutral color.


Business collection – business attire. Put a dark suit and white shirt, no forms, no buttons undone, necessarily cuffs. Do not Pick a shirt that has buttons on the collar. Here even be more strictly dressed, no wrong.

Formal wear (black tie) – It is desirable to have a tuxedo and shirt – ordinary cuffs, the fabric can be cotton, silk may linen. Such an event is nice to put a bow tie.

As strict dress code – white tie – tuxedo and even how – top up with white tie. Usually such a dress code is required at gala dinners, opera, ballet, dance and so on. Required white shirt – you need to look flawlessly and be ironed in easy way according to Educationvv.com.

Free clothing shows that you can unleash your imagination and choose what you want out of the closet, including a T-shirt instead of shirt. But if you bet on elegance, choose a linen shirt open two or three buttons and drop it free over trousers or jeans you. Colors can be any.

For ladies and shirts:

Office – you can choose a shirt from a sheer fabric.

For everyday life – choose what you want color and fabric.

Party – if night something more formal, if afternoon, put a white shirt with an interesting item on it.