Riding Gloves

Practical riding gloves have everything at your fingertips

Riding is not only leg pressure of the rider and lame trotting of horse. Horseback riding is a very high performance both for the rider and the horse. In particular the rider must work a lot, to direct the much stronger animal. Not just a simple snapping or a strong leg pressure, even the hands are in constant motion. Whether on the reins or lunge at the lunging, the hands are strong forces exposed. To save them, it is advisable to wear riding gloves. The glove for regular use is often made of cotton. Riding glove so special is that he is extra reinforced just in the places where the reins is held. The Palm is mostly non-slip. So is the reins in your hand. To take account of the particular weather conditions, we have of course taken in the selection of the products also to that especially the riding glove for winter warms the hands sufficiently. Riding gloves, which primarily protect from the cold, you will receive in the following materials: leather, fleece, or a synthetic material. No matter whether for regular use or for the winter: our riding gloves must not hide as well as our riding jackets, riding helmets and riding breeches from current fashionable trends.

Buy you riding gloves with us. Miss also not our other offer in the category of horse riding. We offer a very large range of rider and horse riding accessories. Convince yourself of our services. You might find the appropriate riding jacket to the horse riding gloves alike. Think also of the boots. We offer also saddles, blankets, reins and whip for daily riding. Look around without pressure in opening times for us, compare our products and can deliver the goods back home you are. Easier and more convenient you can no longer buy. By the way, we offer also a wide range of care products.

Numerous riding gloves for riding enthusiasts

Riding gloves include the important items for every rider. They have a special cut, which ensures the optimal reins grip of the rider. Riding gloves are manufactured from high-quality materials, preferably used Moose, deer or deer leather. There are riding gloves which are not made of leather. Apply for this robust material with leather reinforcement. There are models that pimples from soft polymers are attached to their palms. These are considered particularly slip-proof and guarantee an optimum grip of the reins.

What material is most like you,

is your decision. A close, but not too close seat and sensibly placed seams, which are not in the places, where the reins through the hand glide is important when buying horse riding gloves. Improperly set seams lead to pressure sores and even open skin can cause the reins through the hand glide. As is the thumb while riding on the closed fist, the glove must be sewn so that this is possible without any problems. Reinforcements to the areas where the reins are held, the gloves to keep longer and provide completely pain-free handling of the horse at the Reiter.