Review:Panasonic DJ Street 200 Folding Headphone

Panasonic has always had some respect within the headset segment, offering a broad portfolio of products ranging from the citizen looking for a simple headphone to listening to their favorite tunes to the professional DJ who demands the highest quality equipment to work with.

In the current company catalog, a particular model stands out for taking the concept of portability to a higher level.We are talking about the DJ Street 200 (RP-DJS200), which can be completely folded to make it easy to carry in bags and backpacks – when fully compressed, the headphone is half its original size, occupying much less space than headphones Supra-headsets.

Panasonic also has an interesting marketing campaign, announcing the device as “the headphones chosen by Filipe Toledo” (famous Brazilian surfer).The product has been available in Brazilian gondolas for some months and can be found in the virtual commerce for prices ranging from $ 110 to $ 160. This is a value that can be considered high for an input headphone, so we decided to spend A few days experiencing the RP-DJS200 to see if the investment really worth it or not.


  • Drivers: 28 mm neodymium magnets
  • Frequency response: 12 hz – 25 kHz
  • Rated impedance: 24 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB / mW
  • Weight: 0.205 kg
  • Cord length: 1.2 meter

Product presentation

Do not wait for something in a Cloud II suit here: the RP-DJS200 comes in a simple, soft plastic package with half of its body folded, already displaying its “flexibility” for anyone who sees it on the shelves of your favorite store .The box of the model until it is beautiful and attracts attention, being adorned with the theme “urban scenes” (after all, remember that the model name is “DJ Street”, which can be translated as “street DJ”).The packaging depicts a brick wall and a partially broken wire fence.

RP-DJS200 was launched worldwide with several color options, but unfortunately Brazil received only the black edition (whose differential code is RP-DJS200-K) officially.It is possible to find the device in the colors white (RP-DJS200-W) and yellow (RP-DJS200-Y) by alternative routes, such as importers who market their products through the Free Market, but remember that such models are not officially distributed In our country by Panasonic itself.

Design and construction

As expected from a low-cost headphone, the DJ Street 200 features a fully plastic body with cushions that visually resemble the leather texture.What immediately disappoints is the lack of any padded material in the tiara of the product;A light layer of foam or rubber in this region is precious to avoid aches and pains when you are resting the headphones on your neck.

Visually speaking, the product does not feature any striking feature, being similar to many other headphones available in the market.There is a simple, traditional system for regulating the size of the tiara and adapting it to the size of your head easily.The cushions are very soft and, although they do not completely cover the ear, they do not hurt.

The gadget’s only differential is actually the ability to bend your body until the model is in a much more compact shape.There are three fold points: one at each junction of the speaker with the tiara and another in the middle of the bow.This system works well and, in fact, the RP-DJS200 becomes quite portable when fully folded, making transport easier.

The problem is that such hinges do not seem very reliable, and we get the impression that they will break quickly if the user is not careful while “opening and closing” their headset.The hinge located on the DJ Street 200’s tiara is particularly fragile and should not take too long to become loose or even break in the middle, forcing the user to purchase a new headphone or bring their own to authorized service.

Sound quality

The RP-DJS200 has drivers with 28mm magnets – much smaller than the 40mm ones used in the RP-HX550E , another headphone that is Panasonic’s current product portfolio.As expected, the sound quality of the DJ Street 200 is in the market average, being impossible to consider “excellent”, but being exaggerated to categorize it as “bad.”Like almost all models of headphones of the Japanese brand, the product analyzed prioritizes the bass sounds while sacrificing a harmony with the treble.

Sound insulation is also lacking, and external noise can be heard easily if you are not listening to music with the volume at higher levels (which is detrimental to the health of your hearing system, by the way).At least the RP-DJS200 does not suffer from audio leakage – meaning those around you will not be able to hear what you’re listening to.

It is worth noting that the DJ Street 200 does not have a volume regulator on its cable, and it is necessary to change the sound power directly in the transmitter source (your PC, smartphone, MP3 player and so on).Although some audiophiles argue that such regulators interfere with the purity of audio and should be eliminated from the market, other consumers will surely miss this handy gadget (especially who plans to use the headphone in a mobile phone on public transport, in which case the device will be removed from the pocket At all times is quite uncomfortable).

Worth it?

Unless you value the portability very much and are looking for a headphone that can be carried even in the smallest pocket of your backpack, it’s hard to recommend DJ Street 200 to anyone.The product is not exactly bad, but disappointing for being visibly fragile and for the sound quality that falls short of what was expected for a model within that price range.It is not difficult to find more powerful and resistant models for the same average value practiced in the Brazilian market.

The product fulfills its promise to be lightweight and portable, wishing to exterminate the main negative point of auricular earphones (the size, which makes it difficult to store and transport);However, Panasonic has sacrificed many other points of the RP-DJS200 for this particular feature.The small drivers and the fragility of the construction do not contribute to an enjoyable use experience for the consumer.

In summary, the only audience that will be able to take advantage of the DJ Street 200 is one that does not mind leaving the sound quality aside to have a gadget that can be transported with greater ease.If you do not fit this profile, look for another model.