Retro Inspired Swimsuit


Summer is a great fast approaching, so watch out – we bring you a great swimsuit special-or, UP swimsuit!

I confess that, especially for us ladies, this period is slightly stressful, right? Desperately scan the Faldík every horror we expect that day when we will be the first time this season parade along the beach, swimming pool, just in a swimsuit.  Therefore, it is high time to start this period discovered the bodies prepare. He wants to circumvent arc candy bars, chewing lettuce, civičit and last but not least, choose the right swimsuit.

With your will, in terms of dieting, you probably can not help but respect the exercise (soon to add super tips on how to lose weight fast – in Ladie’s Gymu ) and a selection of 1960s swimsuits, we will be on hand 🙂

In the first part of this special we want to inspire, entice, hot swimsuit news – in retro style – from several brands – all the seating in Brno. They impressed us most blue swimsuit with pink polka dots from ROXY. What is most like you?

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