Retro Diving Watch: the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Before the release of the watch magazine 01.2017 read the purchase of the trenduhr is worthwhile.

With the Heritage Black Bay bronze, Tudor expanded the Heritage Black Bay line in 2016. Like its predecessors, the diving watch draws from history and comes in bronze, a material that is absolutely trendy and at the same time underlines the legacy of the past.

The heritage line breed the model Heritage Chrono in 2010, followed by Ranger, Advisor and finally Black Bay. These are not new editions of classics, but rather transmissions of their characteristic features to modern timepieces. A new feature of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze is the Tudor MT5601, which is a variant specially developed for this model. The MT5601 is Chronometer certified and can refer to 70 hours of gait. Dial and hand, on the other hand, are adapted from historical Tudor diving watches. The brown leaves harmonize very well with the bronze of the case; the “Snowflake” -penders from the 1970s ensure the best readability. To match the retro charm, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay bronze is worn on a textile tape or artificially aged leather tape. Whether the diving watch can prove otherwise in retrolook and whether a purchase is worthwhile, the test in the new WATCH MAGAZINE 01.2017 , which appears on 16 December 2016, clarifies .