High-quality results facilitate training on the horse

Since the domestication of the wild horse 3000 BC, people were always trying to improve the communication between rider and horse. The control of the horse was carried out initially with hemp ropes. Today, however, the bridle is used in the training. This consists mostly of leather, because it is soft and elastic, due to its nature. Different points in the head area of the horse can be stimulated with the help of the bridle stuff. This head movements caused in turn, which follows the entire body of the horse. With training, you can almost perfected this form of communication. In our offer you will find reins. With the help of the reins, bridle can stimulate pressure points through hand movements of the rider. The teeth, which is a part of bridle witness, must be sought in carefully. Also results as well as with our range of bridles, can consist of the most different materials. This always depends on the horse. The key factors are the size of the horse’s mouth or the preferences of the horse itself. The sensitivity of the horse plays a decisive role. The material is also of importance, such as the shape of the teeth. Here you will find a wide range of results. < Br > you order online results. Note also our other offer, which is useful for the horse riding training. Reins, bridles, spurs, crops and also saddles from our range are selected by our experienced staff according to strict criteria, because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. The equipment, which are essential for the rider belongs to our first-class products. From riding helmets, riding jacket, riding gloves, riding up to riding boots, you can find everything at us. Think also of the janitorial supplies and cleaning products for your horse.