Reportage: the Gucci Loafer Drama

Shoes-Madness in the endless loop. Yes, these are luxury problems, not a question. But for nothing else, it’s about fashion.

Well, my best friend has been trying to get the Gucci loafers for months now – and it’s just not supposed to be. The fact that Gucci has turned out to be a buy-in preventer has not been able to guess in advance… Here is your experience report:
“It began – as in most cases – quite harmlessly:I saw in a magazine a Gucci advert last fall with Charlotte Casiraghi in white blouse, plain trousers and Gucci loafers. Casual as everyday fit the whole thing, and I knew I needed these shoes. In black. What I did not know at this time: this stupid anniversary shoe will cost me not only 450 euros, but also quite, a lot of time and nerve. But I haven’t been that far six months ago.
I was highly motivated to go first to the Gucci store on Frankfurt’s Goethestraße. That was in December. No, these shoes wouldn’t exist until January. Yes, you’ll be in touch with me when it’s ready. The pumpkin-coloured model, but that was there. So I could decide, if not for the right shoe, at least for the right size. And I was looking like crazy on this comfy, soft footwear I would own in January, in black and size 39.5. Meanwhile is almost may, so some new shoes have also now landed with me, only on this one couple I still wait. Why? I don’t know that either.
No one from Gucci called in January, instead was Fashion Week in Berlin and I quickly jumped to Gucci in the Galeries lafayettes – no, these shoes are still coming. When? The saleswoman didn’t know. In February it went to Frankfurt again for me and also to the aforementioned branch. There I learned, unfortunately, unfortunately these shoes (in black) are produced only for the Asian market and the USA. In December, geographical limits had never been mentioned.
But that did not stop me from trying my luck again in Düsseldorf in March. Result: “This model in black is only sold online.” Huh?
Patent and fashion crazy or maybe just stupid, this statement in the company of main land office chased me one floor higher in Gucci’s men’s shoe department – how that went out, you know:Mainland shopped men’s slippers, for me there was no suitable size.
Of course I had always looked at, but the black loafers could not be clicked, but instead only asked to contact the service. And then, it was the 14th of March, there was a couple in 39.5. Online. Immediately it ended up in my basket. That it was brown and not black, I didn’t care, because I was so close to these loafers as never before. The fact that I had catapulted myself to a waiting list with this order was not clear – it was, as I said, a normal ordering process as usual, the word “waiting list” only appeared in the “Purchase confirmation”. I quote: “We hereby confirm that we have received your order and below you will find an order confirmation for your documents. Your waiting list order is expected to be available and shipped between the 01/04/2013 and 15/05/2013. In addition, there is the time for delivery. ” Yesterday, on April 24th, Elena, an employee of the Gucci online service, resends a mail:”This is a short message to inform you about the current status of your online order. We have placed you on a special waiting list and can assure you that we will do our best to obtain your item as soon as possible. However, there is currently a backlog of goods online, as well as in our nationwide stores. The expected shipping date for this item is expected to be between the 15/04/2013 and the 30/05/2013.”
Now I wonder: what is a”special waiting list”? Why a backlog online? And why at once also in the stores? Was it not only online? And why Nationwide? is Gucci no longer an international company? At the latest, everyone would have made reasonable use of his right of withdrawal and would have let it be. I don’t. I’ll go through – just to see what happens when nothing happens.
Yet another interesting detail on the edge – I just looked at the Gucci page again for the state of affairs. All the same, the Brown Horsebit loafer can still be put in all sizes in his basket (nowhere a hint that there might be a small delay in delivery…), however, it costs no more 450 euros, but 485 euros…”