Remove Advertising from Kindle Fire HD

When we had reported the presence of advertising in the new Kindle Fire in the USA in many were skeptical about the actual arrival in Italy of this feature, instead it looks like not only will offers but won’t even can pay a bribe to have them removed.

In fact, many will have contacted Amazon Italy for clarification on and is the answer to any of these requests that we propose below:

Dear David,

On Kindle Fire HD there are special; they appear when the device is in locked screen and when “offers” tab is selected.

It is thanks to these advertisements that Amazon is able to offer you Kindle Fire HD at a lower price. Presently there is no possibility of remove ads with additional payment.

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Thank you for your interest in Kindle.


As you can see the answer to questions of Raffaele is pretty clear and leaves no room for doubt, although nothing excludes the fact that Amazon might reconsider later (would be neither the first nor the last time that a company “disproves” itself). In any case, Italy is fairly new as regards Amazon and Android and likely the company will be more helpful than anywhere else to listen to user feedback to try to snap up their likes. And you are for or against the offers in the lockscreen? But above all, how much would you pay to see them removed?