Easy-grip reins connect riders and horses

There are about four times as many horses with about 1 million horses like 40 years ago. Just 1.7 million people be set against this number regularly engaged in equestrian. These riders will compete in the year could be almost 3,700 times in tournaments, where he rode a total of almost EUR 30 million in prize money. It could be but disputed none of these tournaments if the rider not first-class reins were equipped. Reins make the connection between rider and horse’s mouth. The mostly black or brown reins are closed in classical Equitation and in Western riding, however, openly held. Western riding, the rider supports the horse more leg work and with the shifting of the weight than with the reins. Rather, a looser rein would unsettle the Western horse as would try to interpret the touches of rein. The classic rider, however, works with the reins. The attitude of reins is chosen such that the rider by the smallest gestures can help the horse. Order reins from us online. Think also of the matching set of teeth, the right Holster. With our rods and spores is nothing more in the way also the next tournament victory.

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