Referee equipment

Ideals referee equipment, online and immediately wear

Football was a game without rules and structure, not the referee there since. This has the task, impartial to watch the game and to intervene, if violation of one or more players the rules. A referee also right and above all respected to perform this work, it requires some basic equipment. These include first of all a pair of trousers and a shirt. These two items of clothing are very similar which the player in cut and material. They are very comfortable and breathable. This is also necessary, as is the referee during the game in motion. The color of referee clothing must differ but most definitely of the teams, as otherwise there is the danger, that he is understood as a soccer player and played on. Also a pair of football boots is the weapon of a referee, so that he always has a good grip on the lawn and when running. Still, it’s duty to ensure that socket for each referee. In addition to this basic equipment, a referee has some very specific items to accompany the game as possible and to assess.

The most famous utensils of a referee equipment are the yellow and red card. These cards are available for bookings or restraining orders. So a referee to rely on themselves can draw attention, also a whistle is the weapon of the arbiter, in football terms are also called. The whistle is used for example when rule violations or the final whistle of the game. In addition to the main referee, there is also the Schiedsrichterassisten or linesman. They watch the game from a different perspective and support the main referee in difficult decisions. The judges have no cards or a whistle. Special flags, which will be upheld, for example, when an offside are but their referee equipment.