Ready For The Wedding, But And My Shoes?

You’re happy because you have your dress, everything is perfectly planned in relation to the ceremony, flowers, ladies, but… have not decided what shoes will use?

Don’t let them for the last time!! Remember that even if your dress is long and hide your feet most of the time, there are key moments in the ceremony or the party that will be the center of attention. How about when you go down the carriage. Or when the boyfriend remove you the League… will come the moment in which you want to change your dress by one more comfortable and obviously your footwear will become the perfect accent to the outfit or even the protagonists could be if you decide to opt for a bright color contrasting with the rest of your arrangement.

In any of the situations that you can imagine, it is important to put much attention on this aspect since they can be your best allies or your worst nightmare.

The first point to consider, first of all, they are cute but mostly comfortable. I suggest that you ask your designer about different types of shoes that match the style of your outfit: stilettos, peep toe, open shoes, finally! the market offers endless possibilities! Just don’t forget to consider the time of year that you will realize your wedding summer Sandals may look perfect, but in winter would be a serious mistake. It is important that you make this election immediately after choosing your dress, so you can check important issues like the color and style of your shoes and even the height of the heel.

Another tip that you can serve is that you choose a pair of shoes for every moment, i.e. ones for civil wedding, others for religious wedding and a third pair for the party.

In the case of the civil wedding, since usually most simple and sober dresses are chosen, could choose a pair of shoes super glam and flashy with Swarovski inlays or even with details of flowers. Here you are allowed to have an element that stands out considerably from others to make your look more fresh and appealing.

In the case of the wedding ceremony, you can choose a slightly more discreet pair of shoes with a cute detail and that they complement your dress. It is important that you feel safe in them because you will be the center of attention while you walk down the aisle and it is ideal that your steps are safe and firm to avoid a stumble.

In the third case, the feast, comfort is the priority, but you do not have to look out of place with shoes that have nothing to do with your dress or worse still in slippers. You can choose from shoes with high heels to flats beautiful and elegant they are according to the time and allow you to dance until the end.

Another important point is to invest in quality shoes. It is worthwhile since it is a very special occasion and is not of you nagging all the time. It takes into account that they need to be flexible and to allow you to make any move without hurting yourself.

In the case of the bridegroom is basic to choosing the type of costume that will take, depending on that it is the proper type of shoes.

Groom shoes have 2 features that you should not forget: sober and elegant, and like the rest of the accessories, are a very important element. It is essential that you coordines colour and style by which if you buy everything in the same boutique will facilitate you this task. Does not have to be boring to choose shoes!

Currently, the Protocol allows you to choose different colors of suit by which applies the same as for footwear.

Iamhigher recommends the lace shoes, but if your boyfriend wants to be able to then use those shoes, you could choose a moccasin-type but have a detail that distinguishes them which you use every day.