Razer Has Heard The Cries of OUYA and Might Be Willing to Buy It

If he asked you that you did some good example to describe how a product that sweeps both during his campaign of crowdfunding and putting on sale is able to finish failing a few years be released, It is quite possible that many of you immediately think in Ouya, the Android console that is paying to have been ahead of his time.

Ouya takes more than one year past difficulties, and from a couple of months ago you are desperately looking for a buyer who wants to be with a company that starts to be drowned for not having managed and have too many debts, and according to the latest rumors, that buyer may not be other than Razer.

As we have said before Ouya he was ahead of his time, but from other companies including Google, Nvidia launched and Amazon have followed his path. Now, as reported by Cnet It could be Razer, that has recently also entered in the race of gaming on Android, one of the most interested in taking it.

Razer has been dedicated to the video game industry for many years making from laptops, peripherals and even recently their own Android console called ForgeTV. Be made with a company as Ouya, who already knows how to have success and how failure in the sector, could be very useful face to compete with devices such as the Nexus Player or the Nvidia Shield.