Rainwater Collection System for Drinking

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What is a garden in the summer without a large splendour of flowers? Whether the garden is large or small, the ability of a beautiful planting is always given. As you also have lots of flowers, they must be watered also, what can be laborious and costly especially on hot days. Tons of rain water help here to reduce water consumption and also make your work easier by shorter routes to flowers, as the rain water barrel in the garden.

Tons of rain water are an environmentally friendly way, always sufficient to irrigate your garden. Rain water is collected in the bin and later to the casting of flowers and grass removed. This is the ton of rain water in a suitable place, which allows the inlet of a rain gutter, so that as much water is absorbed. She must be wide enough to allow the immersion of a watering can, or but have a suitable drain. The rain barrel with a lid that keeps the pollution of water as low as possible is complete.

The designs on tons of rain water are varied. Often you insert in color and form in the natural environment of the garden, but also striking variations are available, there are no limits to your ideas. With us you find a variety of models, there is something for every taste.