Quilted Jackets Even Stitched,There Are Now Great Quilt.

You know them all, this practical quilted jackets-all of them lightweights. There are filled with down or fleece. They are insanely convenient: you can fold them to a minimum and that makes them unbeatable as the case jacket for the trip.

The quilted jackets also nice and warm hold, of course, I don’t really need to mention this. By the way, if it is still really cold in the winter, you can wear as a Quilted Jacket well under a wool coat – color matched or high contrast design.

Quilted jackets filled with down filled quilted jackets with fleece to the more expensive copies but are also keeping warm and are affordable.

And here the Passport problems making clothes have the good news for everyone: there are super beautiful quilt, from which you can sew a Quilted Jacket yourself you.

When I Discovered This Green Stuff, I Knew Immediately That I’ll Sew A Quilted Jacket From It. And Here She Is.

I decided for the jacket 621011. I’m happy to warmer around the hips. The pattern is very suitable for a quilted jacket. The great thing about this sewing project is: the jacket must not be fed, which saves a lot of work. So the jacket beautiful to look at is still inside, I decided to finish the seam allowances with a bias. I like to play with colors and have therefore chosen an orange bias. There’s a surprise when you look at the jacket. I have used before-ironed bias, simply placed it around the seam allowance and stitched. Worked just fine even without stapling. Being my quilt made of a solid plastic material, fabric and bias were baste together not so good. I Serged also the edges with bias tape, embarked on the hem and sew by hand.

Here Are 2 Gadgets At The Quilted Jacket.

In the back I have sewn an orange/pink Grosgrain Ribbon between back and collar as an ornament and from this band, I have attached also a piece on the slider.

And my new Quilted Jacket that has served it well me is finished.

I can see already how your imagination works and you are ideas for other implementations of a quilted jacket. NA???

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