Quick Beauty Tips and Tricks

You urgently need some beauty advice to turn? Here the stolen tricks to make-up artists and models to create perfect waves in your hair or make a straight line with the eyeliner (yes, you can!)
Cosmopolitan.com backstage of fashion shows has decided to steal the models and make-up artist beauty tricks that every woman should know.

1. Let your fringe is a bit ‘messed

Spray a product that creates volume and distribute the foam with your fingers on small sections. “Rubs” a little ‘hair and secure them using hairspray.

Makeup: Brian Buenaventura for Cuter/Redken the parade of Houghton .

2. Make straightest of hair

The trick to make it as straightforward as possible is to go (and make a little pressure) the fast comb.Slower you will be in step as the line will be uneven.

To the left of the line made by passing slowly, to the right the row made (correctly) passing quickly.

Makeup : Bob Recine for Phyto

3. Flatten your curly hair with a plate

If you want your curly hair look less bulky and prefer the soft waves, armed with a plate. Smooth the hair by bending the wrist forward and backward and moves the strands downward.

Makeup : Eugene Solomon in the parade of Tory Burch .

4. Change the fold in 4 easy steps

If you want to change the fold and not brush your hair, wet roots in the areas concerned. Get the strands and send them to one side, then sprinkle the base with water. Get other strands, also bathes them and proceed gradually. Water is the ideal ingredient to manipulate your hair more easily. Finally, to secure the new turn uses the hair dryer.

Makeup : Harry Josh for John Frieda in the parade of Rachel Zoe .

5. Create the chic waves in your hair holding the wand horizontally instead of vertically

Yes, the result changes! Take a lock of hair, pieces from mid-length and wrap it in the circular needle plate. Keep hair posing for a few seconds and then rolls out the lock. If you want the tightest curls, hold the iron in vertical position and wrap the hair around.

To the left of the waves with the iron in a vertical position, to the right with the iron in a horizontal position.

Makeup : Paul Hanlon for Oribe in the parade of Narciso Rodriguez .

6. Fill an empty bottle with spray mousse that uses habitually

This will make it easier to use because the foam, taking air, it becomes more liquid but retains the same properties volumizing.

Makeup : Joseph DiMaggio for Davines the parade of Timo Weiland .

7. Snap two braids together to give the effect of more elaborate hairstyle

You do not need to spend a lot of time to make a masterpiece. Interweaves two low pigtails to the rear base of the head and fix them with rubber bands. At this point agganciali together.

Makeup : Thomas Osborn for TIGI in the parade of Mara Hoffman .

8. Create disordered waves in your hair accrocchiandoli into a fist

Do not pull your hair with your fingers to make them move. One sprays hair spray from the roots to the tips and then stringili hands as if you were pulling a rope. You’ll have a really sexy and messy blur motion.

Makeup : Orlando Pita for TRESemme the parade of Rebecca Minkoff .

9. Spray the hair extension with a spray before you hook them

Usually the extension have a little natural color and an unrealistic sheen. To bring them closer to the shade of your hair, co opacizzale a dry shampoo.

To the left of the extension is not opaque, right dulled.

Makeup : Jeanie Syfu for TRESemme .

10. Avoid your chignon coming loose doing two tails

Make two tails and put the rubber band as close as possible to the base of the neck. Then wrap the ends and intrecciale between them to create the bun.

Makeup : Rodney Cutler in the parade of Alice + Olivia .

11. If you want to stay a day without makeup, opt for a matte lipstick

Choose it the color of your lips and take it for the night in a glossy version.

On the left the matte version, on the right the glossy version.

Makeup : Charlotte Tilbury for MAC in the parade of Donna Karan .

12. Create a sparkling line above the eye with a glue for eyelashes and glitter bulk

Draw a line on the lower part of the eyelid with the glue for eyelashes like you have to pass a pencil for eyes. Then apply the glitter on it with a small brush.

Makeup : Kabuki in the parade of Tadashi Shoji .

13. Paint the lashes with a liquid eyeliner for a nude effect

With the oscillating movements from right to left (as if it were a wiper) passes the eyeliner below the lashes by holding it in a vertical position.

Trick : Charlie Riddle for Stila in the parade of Elizabeth and James .

14. Treat yourself to one cat-eye eyeliner extending the line on the outer edge of the eye

Once you have decided the point where you want to get the line to cat’s eyes, take a bullet and merge it with the hatch above the lashes. No more having to go to the event to see where the line to end.

Makeup : Charlotte Tilbury in the parade of Rachel Zoe .

15. Make a smokey eyes effortlessly

First you draw a line with the pencil above the lashes. Then with sfumala fingers and gently with a cotton fig passes a moisturizer so that you eliminate the residues of black pencil. Also the cream adds more luster and gives you the look of a rock girl.

Makeup : Diane Kendal in the parade of Tory Burch .

16. If you are blonde, do the eyebrows have the same color of the hair roots

If you make them too dark, the effect will be that of monociglio.

Makeup : Dick Page for Shiseido in the parade of Narciso Rodriguez .

17. Test the color of your make up with a torch

Depending on lighting your make-up could look different. Use the light of your phone to see how it changes.

Makeup : Romero Jennings for MAC in the parade of Timo Weiland .

18. Use a cream to better distribute an eye shadow if you want to create a smokey eyes

After applying the eye shadow on the eyelid, take a cotton swab and a cream to distribute them better and eliminate the net lines.

Makeup : James Boehmer for NARS in the parade of Naeem Khan .

19. Use a loose powder instead of a liquid foundation

If one day you have a beautiful skin and do not want to close the pores with a foundation, passes a light veil of powder to camouflage redness and give a complete make-up effect.

Makeup : Diane Kendal for NARS in the parade of Thakoon .

20. To apply a basic parts of the center and move outward

If you apply one around the chin foundation will have the effect of a makeup mask. To evenly distribute the basic parts of the center and go to the outside of the face. The result will be more natural.

Makeup : James Kaliardos for NARS in the parade of Rodarte .

21. Create fake freckles to look younger

Draw small freckles on his nose and cheeks with a special pencil. Try to give a credible effect.

Makeup : Charlotte Tilbury in the parade of Rachel Zoe .