Pure Luxury: 5 Watches Over 1 Million Euros

The Most Expensive Watches In The World

In the world of Haute Horlogerie models are regularly presented, whose prices are in the five-digit range. But some luxury watches go beyond “expensive” and cost more than 1 million euros. Connoisseurs know that this proud price for a wristwatch is achieved quickly with the aid of diamonds and other valuable gemstones. Watchtime.net shows you five timepieces from manufactories from Glashütte and from Switzerland, which also belong to this category without expensive stone. These luxury watches are particularly complicated and bear witness to the highest watchmaking craftsmanship.

# 1 Of The Most Expensive Watches In The World: A. Lange & Söhne Grand Complication

In 2013, the Glashütter Manufaktur A. Lange & Söhne introduced their most complicated watch called Grand Complication. The luxury watch costs  1,920,000 euros. For this price, they also have a lot to offer: The impact function offers the choice between Petite Sonnerie (automatic hourly), Grande Sonnerie (automatic hour and quarter hour) and minute repetition (hour, quarter hour and minute on demand). A slider at the bottom of the housing makes it possible to change between large and small chime. The upper slider decides between “hitting” or “rest”. Here at TimeDictionary, a further feature of the luxury watch from Glashütte is an eternal calendar with the display of date, weekday, month, leap year cycle and moon phase. The term “big complication” completes the chronograph, which in this case counts the seconds from the middle and the minutes at twelve o’clock. But this is not yet enough for the Saxon brand: the chronograph function has been expanded on the one hand by a drag-and-drop mechanism for recording intermediate times, and on the other hand, a flashing second at six o’clock displays the stopped seconds fractional parts in fifths. 876 parts compacted to the complicated manufactory caliber L1902 with manual hoist.Their assembly and adjustment is so complex that the watchmaker in Glashütte can produce only one of these luxury watches every year. However, there is room for so much technology: the plant accommodates A. Lange & Söhne in a 50-millimeter-tall and 20.3-millimeter high red gold case.

# 2 Of The Most Expensive Watches In The World:  Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie

At the Geneva watch fair SIHH 2017, the Swiss brand  Greubel Forsey presented its first Grande Sonnerie, which strikes hours and quarter-hours on different tone springs. The striking clock also has a petite sonnenie so that only the hours can be displayed acoustically. A minute repetition allows (at any time) the hitting of hours, quarter hours and minutes. Of course, the percussion can also be switched off completely. The percussive mechanism has its own automatic elevator, which is handed over by hand. Typical for Greetings Forsey is the 25-degree slanted tourbillon , which performs a full rotation every 24 seconds instead of the usual 60 seconds. The 43.5 millimeter titanium watch is equipped with eleven safety devices to prevent the wearer from damaging the complex mechanism of the striking mechanism. For 1,350,000 euros you can have the time at any time.

# 3 Of The Most Expensive Watches In The World: Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

On the occasion of its 175th anniversary, Patek Philippe celebrated the Grandmaster Chime, a limited edition limited to six copies. At the Baselworld 2016 the Grandmaster Chime went in two versions in “Serie”. Series in quotation marks, since the production process of a timepiece with 20 complications is correspondingly complex and lengthy. The internal values ​​remain the same; the 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM manufac- turing calibrator still supplies the numerous functions with energy. These include, as the name Chime suggests, several acoustic indications.

The Grandmaster Chime has a large and a small percussion (Grande and Petite Sonnerie) as well as a minute repetition. In addition to these exclusive complications, the clock has two audible world novelties. The first is an alarm function, which, similar to a minute repetition, lets the exact time be played with hour, quarter, and minute notes. As a second special feature the Grandmaster Chime of Patek Philippe also proposes the current date. First, a high-low double tone indicates the multiple of ten, followed by a single high tone for the date setting. The remaining 15 complications include an eternal calendar, a weekday, a month, a date leap year, and a moon phase display. In addition, a 24-hour display and a second time zone. The displays can be found on the two dials of the watch with reversing housing. The 47.7-millimeter housing of the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime consists of white gold in both versions. The price of the watch is 2,424,074 Swiss francs.

# 4 Of The Most Expensive Watches In The World: Richard Mille RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph Ultralight Mclaren F1

The 44.5 by 50 millimeter case of the  RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph  Ultralight McLaren F1 by Richard Mille, developed in collaboration with McLaren-Honda, consists of titanium, carbon and graphene. Graphene is a carbon-based material and six times lighter than steel. McLaren is working on this material for its own racing cars. The lightest chronograph in the world comes with these housing materials to a total weight of just under 40 grams including tape. The RM 50-03 manufactory hand-lift caliper with tourbillon and trailing -hand chronograph  weighs only seven grams.Richard Mille achieves this by the use of titanium and carbon, and many components of the movement are skeletal. At twelve o’clock the remaining reserve of 70 hours is displayed.The indication looks like the fuel gauge of a McLaren racing car. With each of the 75 watches the model of a McLaren-Honda-Boliden is delivered. The flyweight for the wrist costs 1.085.000 Euro.

# 5 Of The Most Expensive Watches In The World: Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Symphonia Grande Sonnerie 1860

Also Vacheron Constantin presented at the Geneva Salon in 2017 with the Les Cabinotiers Symphonia Grande Sonnerie 1860 for the first time a wristwatch with Grande Sonnerie. The watch, which is priced at around 1,000,000 euros, has an automatic hour and quarter hour strike (Grande Sonnerie). The carrier can also switch to the Petite Sonnery mode, so that the beater strikes only to the full hour. This is done by a slider integrated into the bezel. In addition, the clock also provides a minute repetition by pressing the trigger in the elevator crown (hour, quarter hour and minute stop on demand). The caliber 1860 has two spring houses: one for the beater and one for the time display. The 727-piece work is housed in a 45-millimeter-sized white gold case.