Pullover, Jumper, Sweater, Cardigan …

Today I woke up inspired to start with a new tag here on the blog. Yay ! I was reading the Illustrated Fashion Dictionary from A to Z and I thought “man , I could make posts to ask questions about names/terms related to fashion/clothing “. What do you think?

Since the cold arrived I decided to start with four names that appear a lot in the looks of autumn/winter:jumper, pullover, sweater and cardigan!

♥ Sweater: Generic term of a clothing for the torso, of knit or crochet, in the style of a cardigan or pullover .Usually worn over a T-shirt, shirt, blouse, etc., the sweaters usually have long sleeves, can be plain or printed and be of several types of fabrics (most common is wool) with various types of neckline.

♥ Jumper: (1) American term for a sleeveless dress worn by women and children that features several styles. (2) British term for a sweater.(3) Term of the nineteenth century for a wide jacket with length at the hips, almost always with hood, used by sailors.

♥ Pullover: A term that used to refer to any garment placed on other garments. Currently designates a long-sleeved or short blouse, usually a knit sweater.The term excludes t-shirts.

♥ Cardigan: Sweater, often long sleeved, collarless and knitted, closes at the front – usually with buttons, but sometimes with a zipper – with a round or V neckline . The name is a tribute to James Thomas Brudenell, the seventh Earl of Cardigan, who commanded the British troops in the Crimean War. He wore, under his military uniform, a wool vest, the precursor of the modern cardigan, to keep warm in the cold climate of Crimea. In Britain, the term is sometimes abbreviated to “cardi”.

(The above definitions were taken from the Illustrated Dictionary of Fashion from A to Z)

So, in short: jumper = sweater = pullover and cardigan !Is that right, production?

Jumper is a British way of referring to sweater and sweater is a generic term to refer to clothes like pullover and cardigan!

I had thought about doing a montage with several photos that I took of cardigans and pullovers, but then I remembered that stop-motion that I like a lot (although flickr has reduced the quality of my photos drastically) and that reminds me of a cold day and Beautiful from last year:

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