Pro Camping Tips

Camping is always a great experience, but when it is not well planned, some perrengues may arise. To prevent this from happening, we’ve listed some essential tips for first-time campers!

Choose the campsite

The first thing you should do is choose a camping with good infrastructure, with electric showers, area to mount stalls and power points. As camping is mainly to be in touch with nature, choose a well-located peak-which is near the center of the city and at the same time, the beaches and trails.


Look for stalls that are totally waterproof, as rainwater often goes through the seam and you’ve seen the damage there, right? Many of them have removable covers, suitable for all seasons. And do not forget that under no circumstances should you leave the zipper of your tent open!

Inflatable mattress x sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is very compact, so it takes up less space and is not so heavy, perfect for anyone planning to do free camping. For those who can carry more weight and are looking for something comfortable, the inflatable mattress is ideal. The problem is that this choice weighs in the backpack and you also need to be with the pump to be able to fill it. But if you’re driving, this is a great option.

Weather forecast

Make sure you plan your trip properly and choose a season with good weather, so you do not have to go through the rain, especially if this is your first experience. In addition, you can mount a more accurate backpack, according to the weather, and will not be taken by surprise if that storm falls.

Arrow South America

Before the trip, make a list of what to take and do not forget basic items like: lighters, which can save you when it comes to cooking; toilet paper, since many campsites do not offer; flashlight, essential when it begins to darken, since many places do not have electricity; first aid kit, always important in case any accident happens; plastic bags, for dirty clothes and also to collect their dirt; and nylon threads, to improvise a clothesline.


Indispensable on every trip with great contact with nature. Exotic beaches, trails and waterfalls unfortunately bring lots of insects in the luggage. In order not to end the camp as early as the first night, take one of the available versions-spray, spray and lotion-of repellent with you.

Respect nature, your camping colleagues and enjoy yourself!

Whenever you go somewhere new, remember: respect the nature and the places! Never leave trash on the floor, be nice to your colleagues, admire the beauties that Mother Nature provides and so you will have a peaceful and full of memories.