Printed Dresses, Each Pattern a Mood

Thousand different prints for this season: from clothing for a walk to the chic look for an exclusive evening. Flowers, delicate play of colors and pattern of every dress, at the portfolio test.

Open your wardrobe: you still have a printed a few years ago dress? Yup?? Well, it’s time to try it out and hope that your size has not changed because it is in flower or painting, which has a texture rather than a geometric figures play with contrasting colors, this spring back to being present. To re-actualize just shorten it to mini-joupe if it is too long, or “stretch” to the foot if it is wide but not covering the ankles.

The dress is printed in fact one of the SS2013 trend, declined by each differently signature.

Moschino exaggerates but with wisdom and, after taking up the pattern 70s for this spring, for 2013 collects and mix the bright colors of lemon, strawberry pink, bright red and there is eccentricity in the application of embossed daisies. Given the predominance of look black and white, eThnicityology also presents a short dress with diamonds and stripes in combination with bag and moiree bracelets.

In complete contrast to this is narcissism shouted femininity expressed by the delicacy of a stylist little known to the public, but much loved by critics and Japanese customers. Roberto Musso, haute couture fashion house that for years courageously refuses to be incorporate by big brands , in its showroom in Brera in Milan presents clothes timeless elegance and, for years, he paints on silk with the use of natural colors: white, yellow banana, powder pink, ecru, pastel, clay.

A real poem to discover in his studio which also has the clothes last year, by multirigati by brighter tones.

Another master of the press and of patchwork is the multidisciplinary designer (also designer, set designer and costume designer) Antonio Marras. From Sardinia, Marras, it creates an unconventional style, urban and international, adaptable to city life as exclusive evenings. It is worth a trip on its website to discover the incredible ability of this hand, which draws stylized flowers as well as strokes of watercolor, creating unique outfits and extremely elegant.

Moving away from the most exclusive catwalks, we find the inevitable multi-lines and delicate pattern printed  for Lacoste, Tommy Highfinger and Comptoir des Cottoniers and flowers from the romantic or oriental mood for Naf Naf, Zara, H & M, Topshop, Stefanel and Promod.

Have fun with the most diverse prints, but remember to always match with the dominant monochrome acting within the same and avoid flashy jewelry too!