Princess Diana Wedding Dress Exhibition

The ‘Lady Diana’s wedding dress has definitely made history and now, a copy of the same, was put on sale at’ auction for 65 thousand pounds, about 76 thousand euro. Obviously this is not the original that would be invaluable but a copy that reproduces the one worn by the young Princess Diana in 1981 for her marriage to Prince Charles. The price of apparel copy highlights how the focus on of the late princess is never diminished: it is a faithful copy of the model made by designers David and Elizabeth Emmanuel.

Princess Diana is still in the heart of the English but not all. The dress was made under commission of the wax museum Madame Tussauds and will be sold in a charity auction. Surely you remember the recent auction for the midnight blue dress that Princess Diana wore for a dinner at the White House, and that was auctioned for over a million dollars. The ‘dress faithfully reproduces the one worn for the wedding except for two special the lace bodice Carrickmacross who do not like the original, and the veil along a third of the original.

It is not the first time that a copy of apparel Lady D is sold at auction: the first time the suit reached the price as much as $ 175 thousand demonstrating that the affection and remembrance for this woman s never faded over the years. Princess Diana is young wife on July 29, 1981: a difficult marriage that was anything but a fairy tale for the sad princess. Charles, however, were born from the union with the two beloved sons, William who has recently married Kate Middleton and Harry, the little family.