Press Images of The Galaxy Are So-Called Note 2

Note 2-Galaxy will be presented on August 29 in one of the famous Samsung Unpacked events in the 2012 IFA exhibition in Berlin. As well, while everyone expects an image of the style of the new Galaxy SIII, although they had not been more than recreation, until they have released these possible renderings of the Galaxy Note 2.

Thus we see a render, which you can see above, which is consistent with other filtered by Know your Mobile this morning (below). KyM sources confirm a screen of 5.5 inch diagonal size. You can see a style close to the Galaxy Note 10.1, which is already approaching the Galaxy SIII.

But these leaks, inconsistent with other images taken this week to a so-called front frame of the Galaxy Note 2, where the alignment of elements such as optical sensors with speaker desencajan. What is thought to be more than an image of filtered press, a remix with elements of both devices – mainly on the back-, as it is surprising the dual presence of loudspeakers, equal aesthetically to the Galaxy SIII.

Personally I think that is what we might call “ unofficial recreation ” product, which dropped by these elements that I say, with small failures in editing, such as an imbalance in the height of the speakers, identical – as the camera or the flash – to SIII, a small trail from the front speaker of the design of the 10.1 Note at the top of the phone S Pen identical to the 10 inch model or the button Home de el Galaxy SIII.

This is why we still have to wait at the end of this month out of doubt, but we will open the appetite with these images and possible designs that are more. This design like you?