Prepare a Spectacular Environment for Children to Play

Here in the blog of the cockroach says Q Have we always give many tips on how to stimulate children through toys and games. We raise the flag of a childhood surrounded by love, affection, respect and a lot of fun makes all the difference in training and development. Our store you want to go beyond the sale of toys and products for children, wants to help in the process of training and information to parents and educators a thirst for new concepts and practices.

In this text we will give you suggestions on how to transform any environment of your House in a cozy and welcoming place for children to play. Create a space and provide a framework that helps to develop the emotional intelligence, coordination and is very simple. See these tips and learn how to do!

  1. The Location

Choose an environment in your home that is safe, far from taken, steps or anything else that can leave the child at risk. The space need not be very large, but you need to organize it so that it is exclusively for this purpose. Leave the personal atmosphere is important to the construction of the identity of the child. Think that this space should provide autonomy, competence development, growth opportunity and challenges.

  1. The Decoration

Turn this place into place more cozy as possible.Abuse of rugs, pillows and any other item that let the child accepted by the environment. The colors are also important. Warm colors, such as red, Orange and yellow stimulate learning, the joy and the socialization. The cooler colors such as blue and green, bring tranquility to the environment.Note what the stimulus needs to know which color should be more in evidence.

  1. The Details

Wants to turn this environment in a more versatile, you go get the child since baby until early childhood? Then work with the details for each age group. Babies need of audible and Visual stimuli for your development. From a year already stimuli can come loaded with colors, shapes and textures. Of two to three years, the child can now be presented the papers, inks and chalk. From the three, many games and challenges to work the logical reasoning of small. Bet on frames to draw and write on the wall or in panels painting. 4. The world of books

  1. A playful environment calls for a shelf full of good children’s books.Books with textures,interactive booksand good stories. Bring the universe of literature to this corner of the child will help her to take taste for letters and for knowledge. Choose books for her age group and let on a shelf she has easy access.
  2. The games much more than transform an environment.Much more than give the child access to different stimuli. This new corner of your home will bring approach and empathy for the everyday life of the family. There will be the place of the joke, to forget the problems and to put into practice everything you absorb in search of a quality education for the small. Remember that this environment should provide both the socialization about privacy. In this space, the child should feel comfortable to share experiences, toys and games, plus enjoy moments.

Ready to turn a corner in your House? If you are already in a space like this, leave here in the comments your tips so we can enrich this list.