Pregnant Woman Wearing High Heels

Heels giving women a unique sexuality and beauty. It is for this reason, most women prefer shoes with high heels, despite negative consequences. The term “Beauty requires sacrifice” is quite applicable in this situation. But when it comes to a woman who is in a position, the question here is entirely different. We are talking about the life of a child!

Pregnant Woman Wearing High Heels

Women who constantly goes on your heels, you should know that when they wear duty perhaps a sharp worsening of health. Firstly, because of them, occurs error distribution of body weight on the spine, and the foot itself. Secondly, you may find the displacement of internal organs. And thirdly, can develop flat feet and varicose veins. And for women who are pregnant, have grown considerably since the ligament at that time less durable and more prone to change from the outside. But pregnant women who are in the last months worth of himself twice. At this time, and so that the body can withstand heavy loads often have swelling, pain in the legs and.

Lower back, the displacement of the vertebrae may occur. And if we go on your heels, then it will happen for sure.

According to Bestaah, high heels are not to the benefit and women’s health during pregnancy, to an even greater extent.Because of them can weaken the abdominal muscles, which is fraught with dire consequences for women in the future. For example, it is much more difficult to remove the “stomach”, which was formed during pregnancy!

What can you recommend to women who find themselves in the situation, but at the same time try to continue being beautiful and attractive? For example, a model with a small (up to 5 cm) is not a thin heel. In cases where you need to go to all the circumstances, and without heels cannot be dispensed with, you should get on the truck, and proactively take care of spare shoes. Heels can be no more than a few hours. Pregnant women in the last stages, better not to abandon the use of shoes with heels.

Of course, succumbing to fleeting desire to wear shoes with heels, you risk not only their health but also the health of your child.