Pregnant and Linda-Style Tips

This post was a suggestion from my friends who think I should share my style tips for pregnant women. I told here that I loved being pregnant and I had a good time was to do my looks, although it is not easy to balance all those new volumes.

I was able to use my clothes almost until the end of pregnancy, but there for the 8 month needed to buy some basic parts. Of course, I had the life facilitated by being summer, I think it is much easier to dress in the summer.
The first purchase was a skinny jeans pré-mamã dark blue, in Zara (after 4 months) and later when the mine began to serve I remember I bought cotton t-shirts, silk blouses wider and longer shorts and jeans drop waist and a number above mine-m. Refused give up my style and to get the trick was to buy in the shops as usual but a size above.
In pregnancy the dresses were my favorite part, used and abused of the cutting and tube dresses Empire. Cute and comfy!

Some tips on what to wear during pregnancy without resorting to traditional maternity clothes:

-Invest in basic parts-tunics, sweaters, cotton t-shirts, malleable fabrics.

Search tube dresses or cutting Empire, value greatly.

-Jeans (with elastic stomach) and leggings combined with a fluid tunic are a look easy and always current.
-A belt placed in a broader dress or tunic, just below the belly is a great trick to define the silhouette.

-Search bass parts with drop waist or elastic waist.

-Another trick are the tracks of cotton (white and black) for use over the pants, the impression it gives is that we’re using a long blouse, under another shorter. This overlap gives the illusion optics to look taller. For sale in Maria Belly.

-In the Office, use and abuse of the blazers, they disguise the lack of waist and give a composite air over anything, dresses or pants. There are super comfortable in Zara. I used a lot of this. Jackets and vests p can continue to use your, are cute even though you don’t close completely.

-Accessories! Invest in Accessories-bracelets, necklaces statement. They make all the difference in the kits (this is valid for pregnant and non-pregnant women).

-In a moment of less inspiration, an idea is to resort to many blogs of street style of pregnant women. Look the blogTheDayBookBlog or MyDailyStyle.

Pregnancy is a magical moment and special! And maybe it’s a great opportunity to try out new clothes, change her hairstyle, anyway, looking for a way to feel good and beautiful!