Pregnancy Test

Getting pregnant is a natural process, but the time it takes to have a positive one varies greatly from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy, some women manage to get pregnant sooner in the first few tries, others take longer.

Pregnancy Test

Some factors, such as age and anxiety, make it more difficult to get pregnant. After a year of unsuccessful attempts, the couple should see a doctor to make tests and find out if there is any fertility problem.

When Should I Take the Pregnancy Test

The anxiety of some women is so much that as soon as they feel a symptom of pregnancy (nausea, increased appetite …) run to do the test.

Nowadays there are many ways to confirm pregnancy, the pharmacy tests that detect the level of HCG in the urine, the blood tests and the pelvic exam. Pharmacy tests are fast and private, but the result should always be confirmed with a blood test and medical consultation.

The best time to take a pregnancy test is about a week late in menstruation.

How to do the pharmacy pregnancy test

At the time of choosing the test of pharmacy finds many brands and models, some simpler, others more evolved that indicate the weeks of gestation.

When buying, always confirm the expiration date. When you are ready to take the pregnancy test, read the instructions carefully, as they vary depending on the test brand.

For best results, take the test early in the morning when urine is more concentrated. If the test shows a negative result and you still do not have the menstrual period, wait a few days or a week and try again.

Blood test

They are the most effective tests, detect the presence of hCH in the blood, the blood tests can be qualitative or quantitative. The qualitative only says whether or not you are pregnant, the quantitative determines a time interval depending on the concentration of hormone in the body.

The exams consider pregnant women who have at least 25 IU / L of hCG in their blood.

The blood test detects a pregnancy from about 12 days after ovulation.

Once you get the positive you should consult your doctor to confirm pregnancy through an ultrasound scan and follow the procedures necessary for a healthy pregnancy.